Al Hoty Pest Control is a part of Al Hoty Group of companies, Established in 1977, have pleasure in offering our pest control services to the Government and many individual as well as companies were also striving to meet their demand. Prevention and or the solution of the pest problem are essential part of planned maintenance and public health programs.

Al Hoty Pest Control provides pest control services through specialized and technically equipped teams with great experience for more than 39 years in that field.

Quality and Excellence Standards are the features for our business through more than 39 years of accomplishments with highest levels of efficiency and preserving a healthy and safe environment for people, mixing experience with great potentials for better life.

We provide comprehensive pest control and fumigation services to the Government, Industry, and private sectors like Hospitals, Clinic, Hotels, Bakeries, Food Industries, Government houses and Offices, Labor camps etc. to assist in establishing of these standards.